Customers Speak

Everyone is talking about Toolkit "Having the Toolkit is superior to winning lotto. Payroll has once again become a pleasure to work with, less time consuming and Toolkit is so friendly to use. I would recommend this software to anyone – stressless!" Sandra Hazelton | Cambridge Primary School "I like the Payroll Toolkit because it […]

Everyone is talking about Toolkit

"Having the Toolkit is superior to winning lotto. Payroll has once again become a pleasure to work with, less time consuming and Toolkit is so friendly to use. I would recommend this software to anyone – stressless!"
Sandra Hazelton | Cambridge Primary School
"I like the Payroll Toolkit because it allows automation of a lot of the data analysis, hence saving time."
Ann Schofield | Burnside High School
"SUE reports used to take me several hours to check every fortnight, not mentioned the stress at EOY and SOY, but with the Toolkit it only takes 20 mins max and my time is now utilized on real work. I LOVE the draft reports and its highlights the anomalies straight away. Highly recommend it."
Donna Thain | Ellesmere College
"The Toolkit has been a lifesaver when dealing with payroll at a large state secondary school. Using the Toolkit has made my work with payroll, far more effective and time efficient. It has more than halved my payroll workload! I wouldn't be without it."
Carla Smith | Cashmere High School
"The Management Units and MMA reports used per pay period make things a lot easier to track. A 'must have' piece of software."
Julie Lockie | Manurewa High School
"This, I believe, is the light at the end of the Novopay tunnel. After only touching the surface of what I believe this toolkit can offer I have quickly and easily resolved issues that have been overwhelming for the longest time. The sense of dread at having to investigate historical issues has lifted and current issues are now so easily identifiable – all thanks to this toolkit. Adding to a great product is invaluable and professional customer support."
Kristine Donahoe | Riverview Primary School
"The Toolkit has saved my sanity. Payroll is now so much quicker and accessible thanks to David. :) "
Karen McNair | Campbells Bay School
"I find the Toolkit fantastic and it has made my life so much easier especially the Draft Review report."
Dee-Anne Herdman | Wellington East Girls College
"It has so many the features, such as showing us in one line by person how much they've been paid over as many pay periods as you want to view. It's intuitive, really easy to learn and it makes checking the payroll so much easier and quicker too! Putting on the Toolkit showed me in seconds that a teacher's allowance had dropped off 5 pay periods ago. Neither the teacher nor I had noticed."
Friederike Cannan | Northcote College
"In addition to the fortnightly analysis in looking for discrepancies in the SUE reports, I have found the Toolkit extremely helpful when staff have told me they think they have been incorrectly paid over a period of time. I am able to quickly produce a report showing all of their earnings, broken down, for the time frame in question. I have just completed the 2015 budget and the Toolkit was invaluable in showing what we have paid in salaries for support staff over the last two years so that I can accurately forecast our expenditure for the next year."
Donna Peek | Mayfield Primary School
"Thanks to purchasing the Software Payroll Toolkit, this has saved numerous hours in time and stress for myself. Having the ability to download reports at the touch of a few buttons, is pretty impressive. Thank you David for simplifying our workload."
Michele Hellesoe | Whangaparaoa College
"Payroll Toolkit is a very powerful cost effective spreadsheet that allows school payroll administrators to efficiently and effectively identify potential payroll errors and look into these quickly."
Michael Jones | Napier Boys High School
"The Toolkit is fantastic! It has so much information at a glance and has saved me hours of work. Wish I'd had it 2 years ago!"
Gilda St George | Trident High School
"Love it! The Toolkit has made the checking of my draft and final SUE Report so much quicker and easier. I am thankful every time I open up the Toolkit Software."
Cherie Wildon | St Oran's College
"David and Toolkit - synonymous with outstanding service and a programme that saves you countless hours a year checking pay reports. I have also found it particularly useful in producing reports on units and leave. All at a very reasonable price. I fully recommend this product."
John Wilkinson | Wellington High School
"I'm a fan! The Payroll Toolkit is essential for checking Novopay. It eliminates guesswork and identifies variations between pay days."
Michael O'Flaherty | Taita College
"As a newcomer to Novopay and having worked with and without Payroll Toolkit - now that we have it installed I wouldn't be without it. I have found it to be invaluable and a real time saver."
Tracey Stuart | Nayland College
"The Payroll Toolkit has been more helpful than I could have ever imagined. 35 pages of SUE report – a breeze!!"
Linda Asselbergs | Birkenhead College
"As a recent 'adopter' of the toolkit, I absolutely LOVE it! It has cut down the time I spend on payroll each fortnight and allows me to respond to payroll questions from employees almost immediately. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this programme to every school in NZ."
Sophie Tawhai | Yendarra School
"We are a large Primary school in Auckland with a voluminous payroll. Recently we invested in Toolkit, it is a brilliant software package and provides us with many different layers of payroll information. Toolkit is very user friendly and allows us to access many different types of reports and breakdowns, which are invaluable for our fortnightly payroll check, statistical and historical reporting, auditing and accounting purposes. When staff ask for explanation of their pay, Toolkit is a very fast and efficient way to answer their queries. We are saving a lot of time with our payroll tasks, thanks to Toolkit. David has fully supported us with the set up process and the implementation has been totally hassle free. We highly recommend this payroll product."
Janine Murphy | Willow Park School
"The biggest benefit for me is that I have peace of mind in knowing that I can identify variances quickly and easily and then take steps accordingly to ensure that staff are paid appropriately."
Ron van Drunen | Garin College
"I have saved noticeable time every pay period and for someone who uses complex formulas, macros and pivots with ease, I am still a little surprised each time I use it. Significant historical issues requiring information from more than one pay period are assessed and resolved promptly and the Toolkit prevents the need for further analysis. Such a small cost compared to the value gained. I can produce information in different ways to meet the needs associated with both my role and the Principal's as well as produce information for employee's who struggle with their payslip."
Kama Scutts | Hamilton Girls' High School
"The payroll toolkit is one of the most valuable tools I have in performing my duties. I've used it for the past 2 years and wouldn't be without it. I strongly recommend it anyone battling with Novopay."
Matthew Koning | van Asch Deaf Education Centre